Peace at the Frame 마감 2014년 02월 19일-도착분 (입회점수:없음)

출품자격 The contest is open to all photographers’ amateur or Professional over the world. The jurors, their first-degree relatives, banned people by TFSF,workers of the foundation and those who hold positions forthe committee are not allowed to participate the contest.
출품료 없음
작품내용 “Peace at the Frame”
We would like to draw attention one more time to the peace which we need most of ever these days through photography .We want to unite everybody who can put the peace at his frame with the experticism of the art of photography under the roof of this contest in order to understand the existence and lack of it and the importance in our lives.
작품규격 Photos should be in ‘JPEG’ format with short side 2300 pixel and 300 dpı solution and recorded 10 qualification.
출품수 Each participant can join the contest with at most 4 (four) colored or/and black and white photographs.
접수처 Photos will be sent to yarı as e-mail.
연락처 (문의처) :+90 216 3399196
시상내역 Awards:
Winner FIAP Gold medal (1000 $)
Second FIAP Silver medal (750$)
Third FIAP Bronze medal (500$)
Mansions 6 FIAP Mansions (100$)

Winner UPI Gold medal (1000$)
Second UPI Silver medal (750$)
Third UPI Bronze medal (500$)
Mansions 6 UPI Mansions (100$)

Jury’s special award (500 $)
KADIP (the Intercultural Dialogue Platform)
KADIP’s special award (1000 $)

21 exhibitions (50 $)
자세한 내용은 필히 아래 링크를 방문하여 확인바람

Total 0
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